Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Will Meet You in the Morning

I Will Meet You in the Morning
By Brenda Black

“Be ready in the morning, and then come up on Mount Sinai. Present yourself to me there on top of the mountain...When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.” (Ex. 34:2, 29)

Get up, get ready! You are meeting God in the morning! I wonder how Moses slept that preceding night. In my pre-dawn hours, I hear everything, and imagine what I do not hear. Last night, I heard the dog howl every time a pack of coyotes yodeled. Their high-pitch cackling grew louder and more frantic as they congealed choruses from every direction of the house. I heard the deep rumbling of far away thunder and tuned in to determine whether I needed to start unplugging appliances. I heard my common sense command me to rise at 4:15 and put the frightened pooch in the garage. He had managed to keep his coyote cousins at bay, but couldn't stop the storm's heady approach and his helplessness made him whine and whimper pathetically.

When I wasn't listening intently to the night sounds, my mind wandered to internal dilemmas. How would I function the next day? I mentally perused floating lists of jobs that awaited a well-rested me and feared how they might suffer at the hands of a sleepy head. I fitfully bargained between mind and body for sleep. Then just as I nodded off it seemed, the alarm clock shocked me back into a conscious state of reality – it was morning.

Even with the load of chores I face, I must admit I am sure I do not have the pressure that Moses bore that night before he climbed Mount Sinai to meet with God. He surely did not sleep! Nevertheless, the sun rose and the day greeted him with a divine appointment. It made me wonder, how does one get ready to meet God in the morning? Fretting? Dreading? Enthusiastic anticipation? Or calm assurance?

Someday, I hope to ask Moses. Until then, I must believe that while God scheduled a morning meeting, he was with Moses all through the night. How else could Moses have mustered the courage to face the God of the Universe? What would keep him from dying in fear before he opened his eyes to the Author of Life? The God of the morning was already God of his night, whether he knew it or not.

With that advantageous understanding, we each can confidently face the dawn ready to meet with the Master. Get up! Get ready! You are meeting the God who already knows your name and sees the to-do list tacked to your refrigerator door. He knows the kids have football and volleyball practice and he understands that your boss is demanding more. He heard you and your husband talking last night and has a plan on how to pay off those bills. The Hand that Heals has hope to impart to the hurting you'll encounter this day. He offers words of wisdom and gentle compassion for each unknown mission you'll face.

And after you meet Him in the morning, others will know with whom you've opened your day. It will show on your face! Moses' afterglow made him radiant. Post entering into the presence of the Almighty, Moses shone with glory.

It's your turn to get a Mount Sinai makeover. No more dark circles under your eyes from worry all night long. No grumpin' around from a rumpled bed that brought no rest. No moaning and dreading a perfectly good day because of a lousy night. When you meet God in the morning, He brings new energy. For his mercies are new every morning and he promises strength to the weary. He saw you wrestle with anxieties last night and is waiting to help bear your load today. Just meet Him in the morning and feel the glow! God can turn an un-surrendered night into radiant light if we just get up and invite Him to reign over our day.

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