Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pass Along Hope

The stories keep coming. "I Stand" is being delivered to hurting people by loving people who have caught the vision and the plan! Thank you to everyone who is sharing hope.

Even the media is recognizing the heart behind the book and offering glowing reviews by acknowledging honest and sincere faith in God revealed through Pam's story. What a blessing!

Front page story and book review- check it out at

I'd love to hear how the book touches you and how you are using it to minister to others!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Release Party a Blast!

Thank you to all who came to celebrate with us last night! We were overwhelmed by your love and energy and inspired to hear how you are already using I Stand as a tool of ministry! Keep passing along the hope.

When we hear that Pam's story helped you to see God's hand in your life - to know hope is real - to think of someone who needs encouragement - to know the story, yet discover layers of transparent honesty revealed in the pages -- Well, frankly it is all just completely humbling. And heavenly!!!!

From the very beginning, we prayed that this book would not just be a diary, but a divine instrument to share God's grace and win souls for Christ. It is truly an honor to be his instrument in a story bigger than we ever could have imagined. Praise God, He is being glorified!!!!! I believe in miracles and I stand amazed at how God continues to take tragedy and transform it into triumph!

Pam and I will be in Butler, MO, next Tuesday, Aug. 4, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Come see us and tell us how you are sharing God's power and mercy through I Stand.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feet Foes Meet Their Fate

Feet Foes Meet Their Fate
By Brenda Black

I vigorously scrubbed at the blackened and calloused skin. A comforting soak in salted warm bath waters helped soften the exterior slightly, making it possible to slough off some of the toughened epidermis with a brisk towel rubbing. I then coated unrelenting crevices with scented layers of lotion and deeply massaged in creamy lanolin droplets. I swirled a tiny bristled brush into a sparkling copper-hued polish and painted wet streaks over short toenails in an effort to mask their unsophisticated natural appearance. Still, they looked like ugly feet with plenty of miles on them.

Even when I try to put my best foot forward in a cute pair of summer sandals, my country pods reveal stains from dusty treks to the mailbox and downright muddy moments in the cow lot. I've established a habit of slipping into flip flops for a quick trip out of doors and earned tan lines and tints that cosmetic pampering cannot obscure.

I considered fake toenails in a brief, weak and vain moment this week. It occurred to me it would be a total waste of money. Probably a pig would nibble it off or I'd lose it as I was hoeing. By the end of the week, when I needed my feet to feel and look their best, I was stuck with the original version and just hoped nobody would notice. Low and behold, you guessed it, someone brought up the topic!

I could almost feel my toes curling in like ten little turtle heads shyly shrinking into their shells. But my tootsies had no place to hide behind a lacy horizontal strap. Neither did the cute black sandal's secondary straps align cooperatively with a broad white path that spread from between my first two toes and across the width of the top of my foot. Instead they crisscrossed it as if to highlight the pale pattern even further.

All I heard was, “I think all feet are ugly.” I didn't know whether to be relieved that my feet were in not-so-good company or embarrassed that they incited such sweeping hatred. This lovely foot hater, with feet of her own, is not alone in her aversion. Pop culture gives it the term “misopody.” One online poll queried toe-loathers in order to uproot their motives revealing 65% that don't know why they hate feet and 67% who don't like anyone's feet, including their own! Yet, 55% of these feet foes will go barefoot on occasion! ( Aha! My guess is that half of the foot enemies' toes look a lot like mine!

Actually, it doesn't matter one bit how my feet appear. What matters most is that they get me where I need to go and they carry truth. “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, 'Your God reigns!'” (Isaiah 52:7)

The original Hebrew “basar” is a primitive root for the word bring. It means to be fresh, full, rosy, cheerful. My feet are not fresh or rosy! Regardless, they are supposed to preach, publish, show forth, bear and bring good news! That means beautiful, best, bountiful, cheerful news!

How can feet be ugly when they have such a glorious job to do? Just think how beautiful were the feet of Jesus. They walked on water. His feet trekked across a desert in the company of a demon, yet did not falter. The Lord's feet carried him to the tomb of a friend where he wept and kicked the sides of a donkey as people praised his arrival in Jerusalem. My God's feet were kissed, anointed, washed and pierced so that the lame could walk and those who trust can run and not grow weary!

Take care of your feet, no matter how ugly you think them. Their job – your task – is to carry Good News to every person! One day those same feet will trample evil and stand in heaven.

“For the report of your obedience has reached to all; therefore I am rejoicing over you, but I want you to be wise in what is good, and innocent in what is evil. And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” (Romans 16:19-20)

Friday, July 3, 2009


I am thrilled to announce the new release of


I count it a high privilege to witness the remarkable work of God in Pam Morgan's life and to work alongside her in recounting her astounding recovery following a near-fatal car accident. As the co-author of this heart-searing, triumphant story, I know you will stand amazed as well for the miracle that brought Pam from broken and ruined at the side of the road all the way back to full-time Gospel music ministry!

Pre-orders are now available at a Special Introductory price of just $20 plus FREE SHIPPING. Visit to place an order today!

Beautiful hardcover book - 240 pages plus 16 page full-color photo section.

**Watch for area book-signings**

The book release party is at Ciao! Bella in downtown Lee’s Summit on Main on Monday evening, July 27th. We have the quaint little bistro all to ourselves so friends can come and go from 7-9 p.m. and mingle with Pam and me and obtain autographed copies of "I Stand."
*Desserts and hot and cold beverages will be available for purchase.
For directions -

Contact me if you'd like to arrange for an event in your hometown. For friends and family in my area, I'll have books with me at upcoming fairs and speaking engagements. Let me know how many copies you want and I'll stock the car or truck and trailer with ample supplies! To my church family across the region, it's time for a reunion! I'd be happy to deliver group orders and have a wonderful excuse to see you all again.

Thanks for your precious enthusiasm and patience waiting for the completion of this labor of love! It's finally here!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Road I Walk

The road I walk is filled with weeds and flowers - a symbol of life's joys and sorrows. Each with a unique beauty that quietly or boldly adds to the bouquet of my journey.

Today, I was captivated by a cool morning filled with vivid colors I thought worthy of risking chiggers and ticks to gather. Along with the weeds of grief, hardships, injury -- we pick up a few parasitic pests that want to cling to our arms and legs and annoy us. But - it's worth it! For the beauty of challenge is its colorful impact.

The dull and dusty botany that clings safely near the road is not nearly as exciting. Rewards wait for those who are willing to walk the path God lays before them and accept the weeds as well as the roses. May the Lord give you fragrant fortitude as you follow Him!

I'd love to hear about your thorns and blossoms or what you think about as you stroll life's by-ways.