Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Road I Walk

The road I walk is filled with weeds and flowers - a symbol of life's joys and sorrows. Each with a unique beauty that quietly or boldly adds to the bouquet of my journey.

Today, I was captivated by a cool morning filled with vivid colors I thought worthy of risking chiggers and ticks to gather. Along with the weeds of grief, hardships, injury -- we pick up a few parasitic pests that want to cling to our arms and legs and annoy us. But - it's worth it! For the beauty of challenge is its colorful impact.

The dull and dusty botany that clings safely near the road is not nearly as exciting. Rewards wait for those who are willing to walk the path God lays before them and accept the weeds as well as the roses. May the Lord give you fragrant fortitude as you follow Him!

I'd love to hear about your thorns and blossoms or what you think about as you stroll life's by-ways.

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