Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bracket Busters and Other Troubles

Bracket Busters and Other Troubles
By Brenda Black

Take one spring weekend in the middle of March. Mix in, basketball upsets, a foot of snow and historic votes and what do you get? Failed dreams, frozen tundra and bum-fuzzled fans and citizens. Brackets busted and hearts broken. Spring fever escalated and snow plows shoveling. A country divided and more and more fear and distrust for anything that has to do with government.

Hello, spring! Not quite its typical entrance, but then, what is normal any more in America. Actually, the March madness–turned–insanity is a fairly good picture of our country these days. A blizzard on the tail of 70-degree sunshine is pretty zany. But accusatory slurs, screaming oppositions and a vice president who whispers profanities into the ear of our nation's president in front of the media very near a microphone is absolute stupidity! No wonder so many natives are restless and feel ashamed of the way our nation is headed. If the high offices can overlook simple respect and decency when the world is watching, who knows how badly they misbehave off-camera.

And speaking of poor judgement, how about this comment from a radio DJ this weekend. The radio personality was quizzing his guest about a legal incident. His question: “If a guy wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun goes into a convenience store to rob it, but since the attendant is not there, he aborts his plan, is he still guilty of attempted robbery?” The law student defended his answer of yes and then the DJ proceeded to enlighten his listeners with this idiotic advice. “If you're going to rob a store, at least do it right or don't do it at all.”

Did he just condone robbery as long as you do it “right”? What's the right way to hold up a clerk? Shoot first, ask questions later. Take all the money and a hostage? Good grief! This is just another example of March madness to the nth degree!

In case any of the people in Washington are listening, we have bigger problems than any sweeping, uncertain health care reform can fix. Our society is sick from the grotesque and growing disease of selfish disrespect and careless indifference. America's cancer can't be fixed with chemotherapy. It has to be healed with humility.

This spring, a few things need cleaning to alleviate the madness that is escalating – the heart of man needs to be swept of selfishness. And the mind of man must be cleared of rubbish. It's time to get back to the basics of human decency and good manners. It's time to act with integrity instead of shoving our own policies onto others. It's time to deny ourself and see the bigger picture.

I have a terrible spring fever not only for sunshine to warm the air and daffodils to bloom. I have a maddening need to believe that this land of the free and home of the brave is not ruined.

I'm glad Easter is upon us soon. Maybe, just maybe, we'll look to the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ and be reminded what real leadership looks like. Love at all cost. Humility and heart. Christ set the example that breaks all brackets of sinful selfishness. It casts all votes for what is best, not what pleases the elite. The Lord's sacrifice blazed a trail to the throne of grace. It did not leave us out in the cold with no hope.

Easter is the perfect time to take a good, long look into the heart and search the mind. Because if ever we needed a Savior, it is at this moment in our history, when men are as arrogant and rude as those who spat upon Jesus and cursed Almighty God. We are crucifying Christ all over again in America. He died once for all time, but unless we repent, each one in honest humility, we are without a future or standing.

When Jesus looked down upon his tormentors, he pleaded compassionately, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34) We know better today.

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David said...

good writing. Keep it up. As Sarah says, "Do not sit down and shut up." We have to keep on for the Lord and at some point people will begin to see the things you speak and write. Thanks for doing it. dk