Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hindsight in the Future

Hindsight in the Future
By Brenda Black

Mamas have eyes in the back of their heads. What kid has not learned that the hard way. A mom's intuitive abilities are real, even if a bit exaggerated, so why not name a month after them instead of a mythical deity. Early Romans named the first month of the year after Janus, the god of beginnings and guardian of doors and entrances. Janus sported two faces affording the ability to simultaneously look back while seeing forward. Some ancient Roman most certainly based the divine character on his mother.

Regardless of the real or imagined insight and foresight of moms and gods, the uncanny knack for looking back while looking forward is a trait we might all aspire to acquire. Consider what mistakes we could eliminate if we looked back for a better view ahead.

The top ten New Year's Resolutions from a survey of 300,000 responses are posted on Gary Ryan Blair's site GoalsGuy.com . Blair believes “that a single resolution can positively and profoundly create lasting change in a person's life and make the world a better place.” Let's see if some of the top ten wield such power.

Number 1 – Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape. Researchers in Britain have carried out a study and found that obesity is more dangerous than smoking as it can cut life expectancy by as much as 13 years. If you could look ahead and know your length of days on earth, what would you do to add 13 more healthy years?

"We may only put on a bit of weight a day but there are 365 days in the year," according to lead researcher Professor David King. Prof King, the British government's Chief Scientific Adviser, and his team of 250 scientists published their study in a report, titled “Foresight”.

Will your weight loss make the world a better place? That depends on what you bring to the world in those additional 13 years! Leave the bad habits behind and live lighter in 2009.

We'll combine Numbers 2 and 3 – Stick to a Budget and Debt Reduction. Crash of 2008 ring any New Year bells! If we have half a brain, we are all looking back at waste and strategizing for wiser money management in the upcoming year. As the headlines have reported for weeks on end, how you manage your dollars and cents can affect the entire modern world! Wake up to worldliness and waste and live smarter than you did in 2008.

I love Numbers 8 and 9 – Learn Something New and Volunteer and Help Others. “People throughout the world are realizing that a strong resolve to lifelong learning is more than just education and training beyond formal schooling. A lifelong learning framework encompasses learning throughout the life cycle, from cradle to grave and in different learning environments, formal, non-formal and informal,” says Blair.

The world is our classroom and access to understanding just about anything under the sun is within easy reach thanks to technology. When you look back on what you know, will you venture to add wisdom and new information to keep your mind strong in 2009. I hope so.

An honest look at our own personal history will reveal the truth about our destiny. Are we self or servant driven. Are we gluttonous and greedy or disciplined. Are we eager to stretch our minds and narrow our waists, tighten our budget and pay off our debts. Any attempt to be a better person makes the world a better place. But choosing to help others guarantees a resolution success because it is the best help you can give yourself. Mama probably already told you that.

2009 is the time to meet goals for the greater good. My utmost goal is to look back a year from now and see how far I've come and know I made a difference with the first of my extra 13 years. May the Lord bless your New Year's Resolutions as well!

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