Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Football, Faith and Footprints

By Brenda Black

I heard the name from sports commentators throughout the National Championship Game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the University of Florida. I had not paid much attention to the Heisman winning quarterback since my alma mater's Chase Daniel lost the 2007 bid. Yet, I found myself enamored with the onslaught of compliments toward the iconic leader of the Florida Gators, Tim Tebow, each time they mentioned his name. Because of this impressive student, God received more credit in a three hour football contest and pre-game show, than in an entire year of broadcast on network t.v. My hat's off to Tebow for his exemplary reputation and my heart is warmed by his story that reveals the Lord 's amazing touch in his life.

The 6-3, 240 pound dynamo helped deliver answers to Gator prayers with the 2008 national title, but his performance last week doesn't hold a candle to the miracle God performed in his life off the field. Tebow never would have been born, if his mother, Pam, would have listened to the doctor who advised her to abort in order to survive amoebic dysentery. She contracted the illness while serving alongside her husband, Bob, as missionaries in the Philippines in 1987. They prayed instead. And 22 years later his life is a living witness.

Just as this rising star gains more and more opportunity to share his faith with sports fans, another God-fearing football notable is stepping off the field. Coach Tony Dungy leaves a big faith-in-action footprint to fill. His genuine Christianity is already documented in a hardback book, while Tebow's total impact remains unwritten. But where the young and old football heroes merge is in their desire to make a difference somewhere other than between two goalposts.

Tebow spends his summers ministering to orphans and the impoverished. He visits the imprisoned and offers them Christ. Dungy has a desire to reach young men for the Lord and help them learn how to be godly fathers for it is his own dad's positive Christian influence that Dungy admires most.

I know of yet another man, Brady Black, who is playing in the game of his life and winning the respect and admiration of thousands for his faithful witness. He once played football and is still a huge fan, but the real contest is being played not in a stadium, but in a hospital in Texas and in the body of his little boy. One day, Brady's son will carry the torch of Christian testimony because of such great faith in a God who delivers miracles. Because of his parent's prayers, my great-nephew, Kobe, will grow to know about the miraculous touch of the Lord. And who knows...maybe some day, the commentary on his life will convey great respect when his parents' faith becomes his own. And the story written will tell of his far-reaching impact on the world.

That's what happens when we put faith in action. We leave a legacy and we lead others to the Lord. I know God is getting the credit he deserves every time I hear Kobe's name and I watch miracles take place. God's gracious answers to prayer will always be bigger than a national championship. These three men know that full well.

**Note – Kobe is four years old and recuperating from three successive surgeries in the past two months to remove thyroid cancerous tumors including one on the brain. Each procedure has produced miraculous results and rapid resiliency. Radiation therapy is scheduled in February to eradicate any remaining cancer cells. To learn more about Kobe's journey and God's touch, visit Thank you so much for the loving prayers lifted for Kobe. You are part of the miracle.


Sherri Watt said...

Hi there!!!

Thanks for the encouraging words. I have been struggling with being sick but doing much better. You are right, if I wasn't doing Gods work, Satan wouldn't care. So I have powered through and staying close to God no matter how I feel.

Right now I am in the car half way to Texas to see my oldest son get married. YEH! So excited.

I am going to give you a plug on my blog tomorrow. Send people your way. Also, to promote your blog sign up as

Hope I see you soon!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Hi Brenda, I'm visiting from Sherri's blog. I enjoyed this post about the 3 men who are passing along a legacy. I admire Tony Dungy and Tebow for their open commitment and walk with the Lord. I know God is using them to build His kingdom.
I'll pray for little Cody.


Brenda said...

Sherri - Have a safe trip and may the Lord bless this wonderful celebration! Hope you are feeling better and the outing will all-the-more help you bounce back to strength and wellness.

Brenda said...

Joy, Bless you for your promise to pray.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda, I found your blog through my friend Sherri Watt's blog. I love it and will be back to visit often. God bless you and your family.

Brenda said...

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to more times together.

Debra said...


Coming by to say 'hello' nice to meet you! I am coming by via Sherri's blog.

Right off the bat, I can see I'm gonna love love the Lord..absolutely Yay!! you are blogging about football..yay!! I love the Colts...yay!! This post was just jammin! Yay!!

And the story of Kobe touched my heart.

I signed on as a follower. Blessings to you this evening!

Brenda said...

Woo Hoo ! I can feel your enthusiasm through cyberspace! Thanks so much for your cheers and blessings! I can tell we are sisters already. And I'm so tickled to know that you'll be dropping in to visit. I intend to publish a devotional weekly, so I hope you'll check in regularly.
Blessing back to you, dear one.

Sherry said...

Hi Sis....
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your web page. I check on it daily and it makes me feel a little closer to you everyday (If that's possible!). I truly enjoyed your article on Tim Tebow. Let's not forget he was home schooled!

Love Ya!
Your favorite sister!

Brenda said...

Thanks for reading! Wow, that makes me feel so good knowing you are part of my life this way. I love you so much.

Go home school! Definitely much to be said for the many opportunities available to home schoolers to participate in life and ministry and family as Tebow has done. We are blessed to have years together instead of fractions of each day. I was tickled to see such a wonderful representative for this form of education. I heard the other day that more than 3 percent of all US students are now being homeschooled -- it was in the millions!