Friday, February 20, 2009

The Cold, Kind Reality of God's Love

The Cold, Kind Reality of God's Love
By Brenda Black

Good morning and God bless you today! The sun is shining and the birds are singing even if it is a bit crisp. I have always been fascinated with the resilience of God's creatures and their adaptability to all kinds of harsh conditions. Oh, that I would be so pliable. Just last night I was tossed about in a whirlwind of emotions and various levels of comfort and discomfort while I sat on a cold metal folding chair.

There just isn't anything quite as dreadful as the portable contraptions that feature a protruding back rest that shoves into your shoulder blades and causes your bum to slide forward. Eventually, no matter how many attempts you make to correct your waning posture, you still end up looking lice a spinal "c".

My night in the not-hot seat was filled with adventure. First, I was a loyal mama shouting cheers for my son on the basketball court. Secondly, I was a defensive mother hen when the poor sports from the other team taunted and harassed our players. We're talking parents here. One lady hissed, chanted air-ball, and even mockingly whined when one of our players fouled out of the game! Everything in side of me wanted to confront that awful woman and tell her to grow up! But the Lord pinned me to my frigid seat.

And I'm so glad he did. For next to me, my loving God placed the warmest piece of sunshine. Her name was Lois and she has just returned to the states from 47 years as a missionary in Japan. What a delightful, godly, charming lady. We had a wonderful visit between roaring cheers and applause from our supporters and equally loud cheers and jeers from the opponents. She was new to basketball and I detailed the game and answered her questions as they surfaced. In the midst of the chaos, I learned about her love for the Lord, her work with the Japanese, her family, her faith, her goals, her dreams. And when she spoke, the wretched shouts of that hostile voice one row and down a dozen cold chairs behind me,disappeared into the warmth of Lois'soft and gentle and encouraging words.

In a matter of minutes our hearts merged. Midway through the game we were snuggled under my coat, this elderly saint and me. By the end of the game we embraced and I received a loving Christian kiss on the cheek.

Oh it was right down blissful to become her friend. She asked me to pray for her sister, still on the mission field. She asked me to pray for a Buddhist priest she knows over there who understands the truth of Christ but will not leave the temple. She asked me where she could find out how to minister to women in her new location. Then she offered her prayers for my husband and me in our ministry.

I can already feel them.

I think I've answered my own dilemma over the fowl and friends who live outside. The birds of the air and beasts of the field tolerate fluctuating environmental discomforts because they feel the power and presence of their Almighty Creator who said, "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them..." Matthew 6:26"

He makes harsh things habitable when we listen to His voice and share His love with those right next to us.


Joy said...

What a precious story. What a divine meeting with that sweet lady. Sorry you had to endure the mean lady in the mean time.

But that is the awesome God we serve isn't it. Bring that sweat dear woman in to refocus you. The enemy can distract us so easily.

Thanks for sharing this.


Sherri Watt said...

How great to meet someone like this women in the midst of that type of situation. You show the fruit of self control my friend. Not so sure I would fare as well in the trial as you did.


Brenda Black said...

Thanks, girls for the vote of confidence for my self-control. Any restraint I maintained or any attention I focused toward godly things goes to the glory of the Lord working within. Sure am glad I wasn't operating in my own strength!