Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where did you find love this Valentine's Weekend

This weekend, I found love. I saw love on some dear faces and through innocent embraces. I felt love through selfless service and rediscovered true love from my sweetheart. After you hear where I found love, tell me where you witnessed love in action this Valentine's!

My husband and I visited with a sweet lady Friday night in the hospital, while she recuperated from a terrifying and near fatal bout with fluid around her heart. She told of the suffocating panic she experienced and then her emergency trip by helicopter. But when I looked into her eyes and held the hand of this incredible woman, I saw love. She focused on the bright side with delightful grace and thanked God for each little detail that helped her survive. She warmed my soul and showed me loveliness in its truest form.

We dined at a nice seafood restaurant after our hospital visit and loitered near the lobster tank with a standing, hungry crowd. While most of the adults avoided eye contact by staring at the floor, shuffling their belongings or talking on their cell phones, three little girls opened their arms and demonstrated unashamed love in the company of strangers. In a matter of seconds, the mini misses became bosom buddies by sharing their exuberance for claws and tails and the attention of one another. One embraced her companion and declared - "She's my best friend!" When the squeeze subsided, the third girl out asked, "Can I be your best friend too?" And all agreed. How lovely.

I watched a busy mother of five pack away four pans of homemade cheese cake she took the time to bake and deliver to the church. I watched a youth advisor slop spaghetti sauce for an hour and a worship leader inspire a group of teens to master music, comedy and compassion all for one night of worship. I witnessed a building filled with generosity and gratitude to support a youth missions trip and saw teens serve their elders. I saw love in action.

I just gave my hubby a silly card and we giggled as we plopped across the bed, not quite ready for the day to end. Then I opened a pastel pink and beautiful, lacy, white card filled with tender sentiment and honest devotion from my husband of 23 years. I melted into his arms where it felt safe and warm knowing he still thinks I make him complete. I'm glad I found true love.

Your turn!!!! Where did you see love?


Lori said...

I found love in the business of my life. This time last year, the diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer was lurking in the shadows, not to reveal itself until the spring. This year, almost a year later, I am alive! Not just simply surviving, but ALIVE and busier with life, friends and the Kingdom of God than I have been in years! God has shown me His great love for me through the blessing of time, a wonderful husband and sons, a great family and many terrific friends. God has been so very good to me and I am happier and more aware of His love than ever before! God bless you for asking!

Brenda said...

God bless you for sharing! May you continue to be a beacon of joy and light!