Monday, February 7, 2011

CBB Tour of Duty Just Beginning

I'm back home after a week in Denver, Co, where I attended the 2011 Cattle Industry Annual Convention. During the event, I was sworn in as a new appointee to the Cattlemen's Beef Research and Promotion Board and introduced to the role I'll be performing on the Joint Public Relations Subcommittee. I'm very excited about the excellent programs in place funded by the Beef Checkoff and learned more about how this amazing and complex system is working to reach millions of consumers with sound science, new products, and the true story of American Beef Producers.

I encourage you to visit to learn more. And while you are there, click on the "Checkoff Meeting Blog" button to get a glimpse of the far-reaching and various activities of this past week during the Convention.

Here's a taste from early in the week when "Yours Truly" was interviewed:

It might be a tough task for some producers who like to stick to their business and their families, and stay out of the ‘politics’ of running their farm or ranch, but it’s a necessity that all producers start to speak out for themselves to defend the future of their operations and their industry. That’s one of the reasons that Brenda Black is here at the Cattle Industry Convention this week.

Brenda is a cow-calf producer from Missouri, as well as being a mother, a writer — and one of the incoming members of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. And she’s proud of each of those roles and wants to share that pride by telling the beef story to consumers, for the benefit of the entire industry. That’s at the core of her goals as a Beef Board member: to serve her industry and help her fellow producers do the same.

CBB Media Manager Melissa Slagle had a nice conversation with Brenda about her new job as a Beef Board member. Take a listen here: Brenda Black.

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